November 8th, 2022


Daniel Stokes is Athabaskan family man and U.S. Coast Guard veteran originally from Nikolai, Alaska.

He currently lives and works in Wasilla as a HVAC/R journeyman mechanic, dispatched out of Local 23. He’s spent years as a youth baseball coach and assisting fellow veterans with challenges.

He’s running for State House District 26 to force the legislature to resume it’s responsibilities to the Alaskan people.


Alaska Permanent Fund & Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD)

The Permanent Fund, along with the Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD), should be maintained according to its original constitutional and statutory calculation and purpose, and that all individuals’ reductions to pay for state services should be voluntary.

Alaskan Resource Management

I believe that Alaskans should manage Alaska’s resources, not the federal government. The Legislature should do everything in it’s power to assert the people’s rights over Alaska’s resources and work with the state’s federal representatives to reclaim federally-managed lands.

Economic Liberty

I support the curtailing of stifling regulations for all people, groups, occupations and businesses. The state should not be creating incentives, subsidies, penalties, or regulations that selectively advantage, disadvantage or coerce some over others. Taxpayers should not be a safety net for private businesses.

Freedom from Mandates

I believe that an individual’s right of choice is absolute and no real or imagined “emergency” (whether medical, environmental, military, or other) can be used as a pretext for infringing on individual freedoms.

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